Our Story

From the Owner:  I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. I started fishing when I was 3 years old. I went fishing with my Dad and my sister and caught little rainbow trout off the docks of the lowland lakes in Western Washington. When I was 6 I was allowed to go salmon fishing with my Dad and Grandpa and on my first trip I caught the only salmon. I was “hooked”. As a teenager and through college I spent many days fishing the high mountain lakes in the Northern Cascades catching those beautiful Rainbows and in mid summer through fall we fished salmon in the Puget Sounds as often as possible.


One of the challenges of these trips into the mountains was packing the rods in without breaking them. Those old 2 section fiberglass rods were tough. They were heavy, didn’t cast great, and were not sensitive. After college I fished the rivers and lakes of not only Washington but Wisconsin, Minnesota, and the Mountain West states. I looked at every turn for a rod that was light, cast-able, tough, and sensitive.


I decided to develop rods that could meet all of my expectations for hiking in to fish. After many prototypes, I have developed a series of rods I think have all of the characteristics I have been searching for. I have personally developed all of our rods including the spinning and fly rods and have tested each rod in the series in Idaho and Montana. The rods are light, strong, produce a very smooth cast, and are packable. The reels were designed to be smooth and durable and the cases were designed to be rugged and yet easy to use.

I hope you enjoy our products. I have been fishing these rods for years now and I am happy with them.





Our Products

Our products are built with the finest components to pass the endurance test. If your angling adventure requires you to get there by a horse, ATV, canoe, four wheel drive vehicle, your equipment will arrive ready for you to use it. Our rod products are built with durable carbon fiber blanks and carbon glass tip sections. That gives you a unique combination of sensitivity and durability. They also come with zirconium guides for less line resistance and longer casts. Our reels come from the best manufacturers to our specifications to be smooth and durable. All of our products come in a compact durable padded case. We want to make sure when your arrive at your secret spot, they are ready to go to work for you.

Built for you to enjoy!